Wedding Venue Harrisonburg

Gorgeous White Wedding Tent Available for the Wedding of Your Dreams!

The Columns at Six Penny Farm now has a larger tent for our wedding venue. We now have a 40 foot by 100 foot white wedding tent. This is exciting news as this provides our couples with so many options. The tent can now accommodate up to 250 guests at round tables while allowing for room for food service, dance floor and DJ or band. This amount of space should nicely accommodate most of our weddings. As usual if a client has a need for a larger tent, then they may rent a larger tent. We would need to approve and advise as to when and where an additional tent may be placed. Additional tents and their cost are the responsibility of the client. We also have sides for the tent with cathedral windows. This will allow for additional comfort for our guests if it should rain on the day of the event. The sides may also allow for heating or cooling if the client desires.

Most couples look forward to those wonderful clear evenings so they can enjoy all the stars in the sky this far out in the country. A clear, night sky at The Columns at Six Penny Farm always impresses. Open tent sides allows for guests to venture out from under the tent when they wish. It can provide a nice touch to an already wonderful day.

For smaller weddings, this size tent may allow for ceremony seating and reception seating to be set up under the tent all at once as this might be needed in case of rain.

This tent now gives all sorts of possibilities for the client. The bride may choose to decorate with accent colors as well around the tent and on tables. All decorations need to be approved by our staff to avoid obviously dangerous choices and to prevent damage to the tent and equipment of The Columns at Six Penny Farm. We look forward to seeing how our couples take advantage of all of this great space under the tent at our wedding venue.